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Northwest Weight Loss Surgery - The Story Of Obesity

Aug 08


Believe it or not, you may be able to lead a life free of sleep apnea by taking advantage of the latest weight loss surgery techniques. Medical researchers all over the world have seen amazing results after bariatric surgery, not just with weight loss but other health benefits like halting sleep apnea. read more

Aug 12


Eating prepared foods, whether from a restaurant or a store, has led many to eat large amounts of sugar, salt and fat. Cooking at home gives you control of ingredients and can contribute to lifelong healthy eating habits. read more

Aug 10


The single greatest health benefit of surgery is permanent weight loss. An estimated 90 percent of bariatric patients are successful losing and keeping off at least 50 percent of excess weight. That isn’t a perfect result, but it is a significant improvement that has measurable benefits. read more

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