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Amanda Davis

Exercise Physiologist


Amanda Davis Born was raised in Missoula, MT and began working in the fitness industry in 1995 as a group exercise instructor.  After graduating from the University of Montana in 2000 with a BS in Exercise Science Amanda moved out to WA where she furthered her fitness career becoming a fitness director and group exercise coordinator for the Whatcom YMCA’s and Columbia Athletic Clubs. 

Amanda has a different take on fitness training than most fitness professionals.  Her approach is not to yell or intimidate her clients into exercise but to motivate and inspire people to become more active.  Amanda believes her training style will help make everyday living activities easier and more pleasurable for all people no matter their age, lifestyle, or fitness level.

Amanda has been married to her husband, Chad for 11 years and has two children.  When she is not at work Amanda volunteers at her daughter’s school, enjoys reading, playing with her kids, and doing DIY projects around the house.  

Amanda is looking forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your fitness goals.

What is an Exercise Physiologist?

An exercise physiologist is a healthcare professional with extensive academic training who assists clients in achieving and maintaining health and wellness, preventing illness and disability, restoring health, and helping athletes reach their potential in sports training and performance.

What to expect at your initial consult

  • Review of past and current exercise program.
  • Brief review of general health history related to exercise programming.
  • Physical assessment of strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Individualized exercise plan & home program based on assessment
  • Scheduling of future follow-up session as desired (weekly, biweekly, monthly)

What to expect at your follow-up appointments

  • Assessment of your progression on exercise plan and/or home program.
  • Recommended changes to exercise techniques, frequency and/or intensity levels.
  • Demonstration of any new exercises.

Real Patients, Real Results

Absolutely this is one of the most talented, caring and wonderful doctors I have ever met. His procedure changed my life and I cannot say how profoundly thankful I am to have him as a doctor!

Maria -

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