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Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss Services

If surgery is not something you are considering at the moment we offer our comprehensive support program to anyone interested in losing weight and gaining a healthier lifestyle. We have been helping people manage their weight and get healthier since 2002.


  1. The Program
  2. Visit Outline
  3. What to expect
  4. ARNP/PA Visits
  5. RD Visits
  6. Fitness Visits


The non-surgical program is also a good way to prepare for surgery or support after surgery. Our program is run by doctors who are Board Certified in Obesity Medicine and Surgery and delivered by trained clinical professionals every step of the way. We take a complete approach to your care and are here to support you every step of the way. We firmly believe that weight loss is the key to many related health conditions and we have had great success partnering with patients who did not wish to have surgery or who did not meet requirements for surgery.

The program is individualized to your specific needs as each person's weight loss jouney is unique. We know from experience that what works for one person might not work best for another. You will meet with one of our Physician Assistants (PA) or Nurse Practitioners (ARNP) to decide if the program is right for you and to get a better understanding of your health history. Following that you will meet with one of our registered dieticians and one of our exercise physiologists who in combination with the medical provider will create a customized plan of care. We do offer a varity of medications to assit with hunger control if needed. We also have mental health counselors to help you with behavioral changes necessary for successful weight loss.

The program is typically 6-12 months in length and can be customized to whatever you and your weight loss team decide is best for you. Typically patients follow a path similar to the one below:

  • Intial visit with ARNP or PA
  • Intital visit with RD
  • Intitial visit with fitness
  • Initial visit with mental health provider
  • Monthly follow up visits with one or multiple of the providers listed about.

What to Expect

Typically patients lose 1-2 pounds a week for healthy sustainable weight loss results.  

ARNP/PA Visits

The first visit is approximately 45min. During this visit you will have a complete history and physical exam. We will measure your height and weight, blood pressure, and other vital signs. We will review your medical history, any current medical problems, and medications you are currently taking. Lab tests will be ordered to evaluate your health and nutritional status. If you are a candidate and desire appetite suppressive medication, the provider will review current medications that are available to control hunger and appetite. They will also review side effects and expectations of each medication. Some are used short term and a few have been approved for long term use. After the first visit and assessment and you meet criteria for the program you and the provider will decide on follow-up appointments and schedule.

Follow up appointments will be 15-20 minutes in length. Review of your eating plan, medication (if applicable), counseling, and support will be provided at these 1 on 1 visits with the clinical team member.

Registered Dietician Visits

The first visit is approximately 45 minutes. During this time the our Registered Dietician will assess your current diet, motivations, and challenges. Customize a meal plan with you and discuss how tracking food is helpful.

Follow up appointments will be 20-30 minutes in length. At these visits with our Registered Dieticians will discuss with you topics including; mindful eating, cravings and hunger, creating a healthy environment for success, discuss sabotaging thoughts, time and sleep management, eating out at restaurants, while traveling, and holidays, liquid calories, eating for best help, and preventing lapses vs. relapses and support.

Fitness Visits

The first visit is approximately 45 minutes. A body composition analysis will be performed as a baseline. Assessment of physical fitness will be established. A customized fitness plan that you can take with you will be provided.

Follow-up appointments will be 20-30 minutes in length to provide assessment and feedback on progression as well as advancement of exercise activities.

Reassessment of physical fitness will be performed as you make progress and your customized plan will be adjusted according to your progress and needs.

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