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I had my gastric banding surgery performed in January of 2006. I reached my goal weight in December of 2006. I have lost 85 pounds. * Please note - Results and individual symptoms may vary.

Seattle, WA

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Absolutely this is one of the most talented, caring and wonderful doctors I have ever met. His procedure changed my life and I cannot say how profoundly thankful I am to have him as a doctor!


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What a wonderful doctor! He has, for sure, improved my life and I am forever grateful!


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Dr. Michaelson is an amazing doctor. He is very thorough in explaining the surgery procedure. He answers all questions no matter how stupid you might think they are. * Please note - Results and...


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Dr. Michaelson is wonderful! He is down to earth and truly cares about his patients. He takes time to help you understand procedures, etc.


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He seemed very caring right from the start. I still think that to be the case. The office staff is very friendly and helpful. I really liked the way he introduced himself. He gave me his first name....

Renton, WA

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The doctor was knowledgeable and builds confidence. I also work with him as a nurse caring for his post-op patients. His office has an excellent staff and follow-up program. It's odd they all seem to...

Bellingham, WA

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Friendly, sincere, bright, reassuring! His office staff is awesome. All the staff I met were banded and willing to share their experience, strength and hope. He strongly encourages aftercare. NWWLS...

Lynnwood, WA

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My first impression of the doctor was that he was very nice and knew what he was talking about. He took over an hour and a half to explain everything about the procedure to me. I never felt rushed or...

Mary Lynn R.
Tacoma, WA

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The doctors are great. I had some complications as a result of my pre-op testing and my doctor was very concerned and very available to me whenever I had a question. I e-mailed him directly, and he...

Seattle, WA

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Before my gastric band, I weighed 325 pounds and had a BMI of 56 and I was sure I would die prematurely because of my weight. I had the choice to either continue on my path of self-destruction or...

Seattle, WA

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Dr. Chock explained everything at the seminar in a way I could understand. I appreciate her being my doctor. Losing 100 pounds has made me more active and confident.


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A friend of mine who I had watched lose weight successfully and keep it off introduced me to the Lapband®. Their after-care program really impressed me and is where their advantage really shines....


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By going through the process of losing more than 100 pounds, I became so much more confident in myself ... I like taking care of my health and working out. And it feels great to show my daughter that...


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I appreciated the support offered by the staff. I didn't have to wait for a doctor or nurse to call me back. Any question I had about what to eat or whether I needed an adjustment, the staff could...


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There may be a lot of surgeons today who perform Lapband® surgery, but the key to success for me was the before and after-surgery services offered here. Their support groups. The availability of the...


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I used to work as an accountant. Then a realtor. But I was never passionate about my work. The Lapband® is something I'm passionate about. It changed my life. Now, I work here to help spread the...


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Real Patients, Real Results

The doctor was knowledgeable and builds confidence. I also work with him as a nurse caring for his post-op patients. His office has an excellent staff and follow-up program. It's odd they all seem to be lapband patients themselves.

John - Bellingham, WA

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