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Lapband® Over Bypass Surgery

Lapband® Over Bypass Surgery

In order to be a candidate the patient must meet the standard requirements for bariatric surgery and have a gastric pouch which will allow for an additional bariatric procedure.

Band Over Bypass: We have seen many patients with a failed gastric bypass operation. These people may have experienced a less than expected weight loss or weight re-gains after gastric bypass. The gastric bypass can fail for any number of reasons. A failed weight loss procedure can be defined as less than 50% loss of excess weight.

The great news is that there is now a highly successful, safe option for gastric bypass patients that have been "left behind" in their weight loss. A revision with Lapband® surgery over the previous gastric bypass may be the answer.

Whether you have regained weight after a gastric bypass or you never lost the expected weight, placing a Lapband® over your gastric bypass can give you back the restriction that you felt in the first months after your gastric bypass. The gastric band will give you the tool necessary to restore your ability to limit your food intake and promote a feeling of fullness (satiety) after meals. This procedure is also considered safer than traditional revisional procedures. As with primary Lapband® surgery, the band over bypass operations can most often be performed laparoscopically even if your initial gastric bypass was performed as an open operation.

Patients from Washington and across the United States visit Northwest Weight Loss Surgery because of our expertise when in need of additional weight loss surgery. Dr. Montgomery is uniquely qualified to perform Band over Bypass weight loss revision surgery because of his vast experience. He has performed more Band over Bypass Procedures than anyone in the Pacific Northwest.

Dr. Montgomery is happy to evaluate your situation and recommend appropriate treatment. It is often helpful if you can obtain a copy of your previous operative reports before your consultation.

You can reach us by phone at (425) 385-2263 or simply click here to send us an email.

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